Keurig K40 Elite Brewing System Review

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With almost thirty years of experience under their belt, the Keurig Green Mountain team knows a thing or two about coffee and ways of making it. This confidence is backed by numerous awards and recognitions, one of which is being declared America’s No. 1 Single Serve Coffee Brand in 2015.

We encourage you to try as many coffee makers as you like until you find the perfect one; however, we are confident this product has everything you want or need, even if you were not aware you needed it. If you have tried other companies and weren’t satisfied with their coffee makers, you just might find this machine to be to your taste, so to speak.

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No matter if you enjoy your coffee leisurely or take it on the go, the Keurig K40 Elite Brewing has your back covered. With its sleek and user-friendly design, as well as multi-purpose functionality, this item has multiple coffee aficionados as a must-have for any household.

The K40 will have your beverage ready in under a minute, whether you choose to drink it out of a 10oz., 8oz., or 6oz. sized cups. Moreover, the drip tray is completely removable, so as to allow you to use travel mugs and similar containers. Use your imagination, just don’t go overboard.

The 6-count K-Cup Variety Pack this appliance sports makes it ideal for extended households or when you have friends over, making accommodations for various tastes and inclinations. The K-Cup system, an original Keurig patent, allows you to brew a single well-flavored beverage in no time, be it hot, like cocoa, coffee or a variety of teas and specialties, or cold and iced draughts. Depending on how strong you take your coffee, you can choose between the various prescribed cup sizes and K-Cup variations for maximum pleasure.

Speaking of sizes, the Removable Water Reservoir of this little helper holds up to 48oz., which is enough for a whole day of brewing without needing to refill it (provided you don’t have too many guests over). Moreover, the Reservoir is transparent, making it easy for the user to check the water level.

The appliance also features a removable Drip Tray, allowing you to accommodate more than just the prescribed three cup-sizes; this makes it perfect for people on the move.

One other feature the consumers might find useful is the Auto On-Off, which essentially allows you to “get away” forgetting about turning the appliance on or off. The notorious pre-flight thought: “Did I remember to turn the X off?” will not come across your mind; at least not as long as X is the Keurig K40 Elite Brewing System.

Simply press the Auto Off Button to activate the feature, whereupon the green Auto Off light should switch on; disabling this feature is just as simple – press the button again and watch as the light switches off. When this feature is enabled, your coffeemaker will turn off automatically after the pre-programmed period following your last usage. Conversely, when the feature is disabled, the machine will keep on working until you turn it off.


Truthfully, there is not much to be improved in this department. The machine comes in two standard colors – black and white. The indicator lights are organized in a manner reminiscent of your average dashboard, making it easily comprehensible and user-friendly.

There are six indicators, topmost to bottom:  Add Water (nice little warning for the inattentive ones); De-Scale (this will make your life easier when cleaning the machine of the lime scale which will inevitably build up); Heating (pretty much self-explanatory); Auto-Off (excellent feature for the forgetful among us); Power (if anyone wonders – when lit up, this indicates your coffeemaker is working). Besides these, there are also two indicators with different-sized cups depicted – these work just like volume buttons on any appliance, only for, well, volume of liquid.

Customer Feedback

Naturally, as with any popular product, the Keurig K40 Elite Brewing System has accrued many customer reviews on either side of the spectrum, with favor heavily falling on the positive.


Many satisfied customers have come forth to lavish praise upon this product, ranging from the loyal customers of many years, to those that have only recently become proud owners of one of these brewers. Some positive things they have distinguished:

  • quite stylish design, with the blue indicator lights “enhancing the ‘coolness’ factor”
  • excellent variety of brews
  • fast brewing time is just right for morning brews and any other situations where you want to make the most of your coffee, but don’t have the time
  • being able to remove the Drip Tray to fit a travel mug is perfect for those who take their coffee on the go
  • with the Extra Bold K-Cup Pack, even on “large cup” setting you will never get your coffee mild or weak out of this brewer
  • the manner of cleaning and de-scaling is easy and straightforward


Apart from fetching positive remarks, the device also landed a few negative comments from the crowd. Check ’em out below to gain a clearer image of the overall product.

  • some buyers have complained about noise and vibrations when the tank was filling
  • while the $113.79 price offers good value for money, it still puts the product on the upper end of the cost spectrum, and that is not for everyone


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Naturally, you might think: “If I am going to spend over a hundred dollars on a coffeemaker, I had better do the research.” Thankfully, we have done it for you, and this is our recommendation.

All in all, we consider this appliance to be a bit pricy, but that is to be expected for the quality you get. Not only do you get a programmable and user-friendly appliance, you also get a durable and dependable unit with possible purchase of either a two or three-year protection.

Truly, the Keurig K40 Elite Brewing System is backed by years of experience and excellence, and the deal is sweetened by a 5% discount (off the original List Price). Hurry while the brew is hot!

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