Hey there. Glad to have you here! I’m Tyler Owen and this is my website where I venerate coffee machines from Keurig. I’ve grown up around coffee loving men and women and let’s just say you learn a thing or two about coffee maker machines in 19 years. Most of the machines I have seen are Keurig, and honestly I don’t like most other brands. I’m a big time arts enthusiast as well, and I’m saving up to study about coffee grounds in India.

keurig coffee makers

I started this website recently, after I received three messages from different friends asking for my opinion on coffee makers. It is easy to get confounded by the host of machines out there demanding attention. There are a lot of factors one has to consider and it can get tiring. Everybody could do with a little help at times.

Keurig is a wonderful trusted brand whose coffee machines are well renowned. But the variety of products is so perplexing that it can be tough to decide where to begin. Keeping this in mind, I have attempted to keep this website as easy to follow as possible. Start wherever you want to, and discover more and more machines as you go along. The sole aim of this website is to help you choose the best Keurig Coffee makers that are best for your need.

In the several posts I’m going to make, we’ll discuss many facets of Keurig coffee machines and you can use it to decide which one will work the best for you. We are going to tell you about amazing Coffee Makers for work, for your kitchen as well as for those of you who want to keep one in your cafe. We’ll discuss their utility, safety, power consumption, cost and lots of other stuff that you cannot find anywhere else on the internet.

Happy Reading! Do get in touch with me if you’d like me to talk about a particular machine, or if you have queries or critique.