Keurig K475 Coffee Maker Review

Keurig K475 Review

Since its inception, coffee has been both praised and ridiculed. It’s been compared to tea, it has been added milk, added to milk, brewed, iced, cooled and made in a myriad different variants, but it has endured. And somewhere along the line, the Keurig Green Mountain appeared, along with the company’s signature K-Cups (self-contained single-serve pods of goodness). Moreover, with new lines of products come K-Mugs and K-Carafes, as well as the Keurig’s much debated 2.0 Brewing Technology. All of these features, and more, are implemented into the brewer that will be the topic of this review – the Keurig K475. This absolutely lovable Coffee Maker is positively beastly when it comes to the variety of beverages it can make. For your absolute delight, there are more than 500 varieties from 75 major brands to choose from. The unit also has a number of features that are well worth the price.

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Whom Is This Product Designed for?

  • households
  • small offices
  • students on campuses
  • chess clubs
  • coffee-enthusiasts living at high altitudes

Important feature 1: Bigger cup sizes

Keurig’s brewing systems now come with bigger cup-sizes and temperature control. The Keurig K475 brews a 12-ounce cups for those that absolutely have to have that half a cup extra (12 ounces equals to about a standard cup and a half). What is more interesting is the temperature control which is pretty much self-explanatory. Whether you’re brewing a 4-cup carafe or a single-serve cup, the results are the same – a delicious, piping-hot beverage made in two shakes of a lamb’s tale.

Important feature 2: Temperature control

About the temperature control, we feel that it does credit at least some explaining. Namely, there are five temperatures to choose from for your perfect cup. (For a clearer picture, here’s the full scale: iced, warm, hot, piping hot, Mordor). Besides this, there is also a high altitude setting, as well as strength setting which allows you to brew bolder or milder coffees. Additionally, there is also the option to program your favorite settings and the K-Carafe auto brew program.

Important feature 3: Fresh water reservoir

The fresh water reservoir that the Keurig K475 Coffee Maker uses is a definite plus in our book. With the capacity of 70 ounces, it allows you to brew more without the need to refill it. If your average mug is eight to ten ounces and you down three mugs a day on average, this gives you at least two full days of not having to refill the reservoir. Naturally, this applies only provided you’re the only using the brewer.

Important feature 4: Variety of cup sizes

With so many great things said about its capacity, let’s look at what the output is. The Keurig K475 brews five K-Cup Pod brew sizes: 4, 6, 8, 10 and the already mentioned 12-ouncer. Additionally, there are three K-Mugs Pods sizes: 12, 14, 16-oz. Finally, for the situations where you have company or you just wish to brew something to last you through the day, the brewer can make use of three K-Carafe Pod brew sizes: 22, 26 and 30-oz.

Important feature 5: Large size

The product measures 13.6 x 10.4 x 13.4 inches (34.5 x 26.4 x 34 cm) and weighs 13.7 pounds (about 6.2 kg), making it somewhat hefty, but not so much as to deter you from bringing it with you if you decide to move. In addition to all the features and specs already mentioned, the product also has an Auto On/Off energy-saving mode and a digital clock. You can also set your language preference choosing between English, Spanish and French.


  • There are total eleven brew sizes to choose from.
  • The temperature setting control is a great boon.
  • The maker uses K-Cups (500 variants from 75 major brands).
  • It also allows you to brew your own coffee (besides K-Cup)
  • The brewer is available in three styles – Black, Sandy, Pearl and Vintage Red.
  • The water reservoir is more than ample.


  • Grounds may clog the dispenser needle.
  • Keurig insists on buying their descaling solution instead of plain vinegar.
  • The reservoir doesn’t work if ¼ full.


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FAQ -Some pre-selling Questions and Answers about this product:

To add some perspective to the picture, and save you the trouble of asking questions, we’ve gathered the most frequent inquires customers have had about the Keurig K475 Brewing System. Some of them were:

  • I would like a reusable cup for this machine. Is that possible?
    • This is possible. All you have to do is order it. You should go for EZ Cup for Keurig 2.0..You’d be best off ordering it from a reputable seller, which will ensure that you get the latest product.
  • How hot can you brew the coffee?
    • As the above-mentioned scale jokingly suggests, you can brew it pretty hot.
  • What’s the difference between old and new K-Cups?
    • The difference is the compatibility limitation set by Keurig. However, this should give you no problems for two reasons – for one, most of the big coffee distributors now sell Keurig-friendly K-Cups, and two, you can always you My K-Cup to brew your own grounds.
  • Do you need an adapter to use K-cups?
    • No, you don’t need any adapters for this, but there is the My K-Cup Filter available for your own grounds.
  • Does it come with an insulated carafe?
    • Unfortunately, no it doesn’t. It is, however, supposed to come with a regular carafe.

Final Verdict

When you choose the Keurig K475 Coffee Maker, you choose a guaranteed improvement in your kitchen. You get a large water reservoir, eleven brew sizes, seventy-five brands, five hundred varieties of beverages, ranging from classic coffee grounds, through specialty beverages like tea, masala, mocha and latte (although these will be different than those you get from a Nespresso, as the latte mix is self-contained  within a K-Cup), all the way to iced beverages, like coffee. Note that there’s an ongoing debate whether hot or iced coffee is better. But, why take sides? Choose the K475 and you can have both.

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